Second Chance Truck Driving Jobs for People with Felonies

Trucking Companies that Hire Felons

Are you looking for a job after facing the felony charges? Well, there is no need to get upset because many companies are there which are ready to provide you jobs. The only thing that you should have is the zest to work and learn some new skills.

There are some industries where you will always get preference for transportation and trucking. Even after the five years of the felony charges, you can apply in many trucking companies very easily. The only thing that you need is knowledge about the trucking companies that hire felons after 5 years. It is needless to say here that you must be able to drive the truck well with a valid license. Experience will be an added advantage. Here is the list of the trucking companies in the USA.

Start with training

In case you don’t have skills, you can also enroll yourself in the training programs of these companies. Some companies also run the institutes where you can learn about the industry and gain good skills. This will increase your demand in the market and you can start your new life with a new job.

Top companies for felons

These companies hire felon with the charges more than five years old or more. The companies are Western express, Boyd Brothers, TransAm Trucking, Transway Inc., Paschall Truck Lines, Carolina Cargo, DeBoer Trucking Company, Florilli Transportation. These are most reputable companies and running their business in the industry for many years. They are well famous for giving the chance to people with felony charges. They have certain parameters but still, they are open to the workers who have faced felony charges and their convictions are five years old or more. Visit Felon Friendly to see the full list of truck driving companies that may hire and train ex-convictions.

Great working with good income

All of them are running the business of transportation along with many other products and services. The working environment is remarkable and provides good chances to the felons to prove the fact that everything can be changed with the time and people with felonies can improve their life. They can also be an important part of the life and be productive and beneficial for the society.

Check details and reference

In case you are looking for a job in these companies, you must also check the information about the vacancy by some reference. You should also have the set of required skills for the job. People who are having good working experience in the same field have more chances of getting jobs. Hope with this information you will be closer to your job.